Failure is learning. If you have success all the time you will learn little.

                      I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work, by Thomas Alva Edison.

I think he went all out with that, don’t you think so? Imagine 10,000 failures and like 4 sucsess I wouldn’t do that but I’m a kid, I have my whole life to try.

So if you fail remember you are learning.

Another example of failure and sucsess.

YE Fair

I think my YE Fair went well very well. Getting ready for the fair is lot of work. You’ve got to make sure your products are presentable and get your table ready. We had to be on time and get to the gym first thing. Ms smith told us the rules and regulations.You couldn’t leave your table unless you arranged for someone to watch your table. If you left the table unattended you may lose customers. I sold all of my Guardians that I made, and made a profit.

Me as A Reader

Me As A Reader

Stink and the Super Galactic Jaw-breaker.  That was the title of the first book I ever read.  I was about two years old and my mom red it to me. I really like the Hardy Boys series.  I have about seven of them at home.  They are detectives and solve all kinds of mysteries.  I like all genres of books but not really romance.

My mom was the main person who red to me and so did my Grandma. I liked her voice because it was calm and soothing and she always made me feel better when I had a bad day.

Really like to lie on my bed when I read and sometimes on the couch. Lots of times my Mom would read to me before bed time. My mom and I like to read the most in our family.  She reads a lot of books for her work and studies and for fun she likes books with comedy in them.

Monster Story Part 2

…I was running,  running,  and I ran for one whole day until I found a hollow tree and I decided to hide  in it.  I felt like I was a criminal,  maybe I was.  The next day I was determined to find out what I had done to deserve this since the concussion I received three weeks ago had really messed me up.  First, I needed to find some food, then build a real shelter.  I had a feeling I could be here a while.

My luck must have changed because  just as I looked up I noticed a family of campers parked near the river and a very large picnic basket ready for my taking! I planned to take the basket in the middle of the night after everyone went to bed. It was time. I started to walk but one of the people was still awake I had a master back up plan. I picked up a big log  and hit him with it he was out cold. I was victorious.

I started by gathering wood for a shelter. When I was done gathering wood I looked at the tree five feet  away. It would be the main support for my shelter. I finally finished after sleeping in a hollow tree for two days,  I was so tired I didn’t sleep at all. I had to live in the woods until they stopped looking for me….



 part 3 coming soon


My Poem


In the trenches we wait.
We wait for one thing.
We wait for the sound of the enemy to come to our trenches.
We wait for the deafening gun sounds flying above us.
We can’t get out for if we do we may end up just one or two.
In the trenches we sadly lie and wait for death to fly.
we wait hoping to see the loved ones we left behind.
we wait for freedom.

By,Dylan and miss,B.

I’m sad

I’m sad that  my friend  Brycen is moving to Alberta. We have only been  friends for two months!

I’m sad.  I really am.  I think I’m going to cry…

OK, I’m done.  Back to my friend.

Brycen  is an  awesome friend because he’s always there for you even when you don’t always get along perfectly with him.  He is a good friend and  I will miss him.

The best times we had was on his trampoline with his dad and my little brother,  it was fun while it lasted.

Image: Logan by Watch out!