Monster Story Part 2

…I was running,  running,  and I ran for one whole day until I found a hollow tree and I decided to hide  in it.  I felt like I was a criminal,  maybe I was.  The next day I was determined to find out what I had done to deserve this since the concussion I received three weeks ago had really messed me up.  First, I needed to find some food, then build a real shelter.  I had a feeling I could be here a while.

My luck must have changed because  just as I looked up I noticed a family of campers parked near the river and a very large picnic basket ready for my taking! I planned to take the basket in the middle of the night after everyone went to bed. It was time. I started to walk but one of the people was still awake I had a master back up plan. I picked up a big log  and hit him with it he was out cold. I was victorious.

I started by gathering wood for a shelter. When I was done gathering wood I looked at the tree five feet  away. It would be the main support for my shelter. I finally finished after sleeping in a hollow tree for two days,  I was so tired I didn’t sleep at all. I had to live in the woods until they stopped looking for me….



 part 3 coming soon